In this motorcycle tour we head to the most western point of Europe – Cabo da Roca (Portugal). We will not ignore such colourful cities of Spain, as Seville, Badajoz, Huelva, Cadiz and Gibraltar. In Portugal, in addition to Cape Roca, we will visit Lisbon, Sines, Portimao and Cape San Vicente. The route passes along the roads with beautiful views of the ocean, sea, mountains and forests. A part of the route runs through the National parks.

You can join a tour on your own motorcycle, or hire a motorbike from our motorcycle rental.

The price includes:

  • transfer from Malaga airport and / or Malaga railway station
  • support of English-speaking guide
  • accommodation at no less than 4 * hotels with (including) breakfast

The majority part of the route passes along direct motorways with the road of high quality.
On the route there are short stretches with smooth mountain serpentine roads with the finish of good quality. There are no areas with bad roads and steep mountain serpentine!

The cost of the trip is

from 2.200does not include the cost of renting a motorcycle

  • The tour lasts 9 days, 8 nights
  • The total length of the route is 1800 km

The description of Moto Tour Portugal, Cape Roca

Day 1:

~14:00 Start.from Marbella (Spain) to Seville (Spain) (daily mileage of 255 km)
~18:00 arrival in Seville, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 2:

~15:00 from Seville to Badajoz (Spain) (mileage 211 km)
~18:00 arrival in Badajoz, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 3:

~12:00 from Badajoz to Lisbon (Portugal) (daily mileage of 240 km)
~17:00 Arrival in Lisbon, hotel accommodation for 2 nights.

Day 4:

~ 14:00 – 16:00 visiting Cape Rock (100km daily mileage)
~ Rest of the day – free time in Lisbon

Day 5:

~12:00 from Lisbon to Sines (Portugal) (daily mileage of 160 km)
~17:00 arrival in Sines, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 6:

~11:00 from Sines to Portimao (Portugal) (daily mileage of 210 km)
~14:00 Cape San Vicente (Portugal)
~17:00 arrival in Portimao, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 7:

~12:00 from Portimao to Huelva (Spain) (daily mileage of 170 km)
~16:00 arrival in Huelva, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 8:

~11:00 from Huelva to Cadiz (Spain) (daily mileage of 225 km)
~16:00 arrival in the city of Cadiz, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 9:

~12:00 from the city of Cadiz to Marbella (daily mileage of 188 km)
~14:00 Gibraltar
~18:00 arrival in Marbella, the end of the route.

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