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The HONDA X-ADV scooter: A complete change for the industry

An intriguing mix of two completely different styles of bike. Honda have managed to produce a scooter that’s incredibly fun and easy to ride

The X-ADV is based on Honda’s Integra, using the same 745cc parallel twin engine also found in the NC series. As a result the X-ADV produces 53bhp and uses Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) system. There are two modes; Drive and Sport. Drive offers smooth predictable, power while Sport mode sharpens the throttle response and holds gears longer before changing up.

With that being said, no matter if you are on chaotic streets of any city as on gravel tracks leading to hidden beaches. Just imagine this picture: a motorcycle that comes with an adventurous spirit as standard fitmen. A wonderful tool to move around the city, full of utility and user-friendly features. Then, the weekend comes it can be used to escape all of the daily routine, in a unique and uplifting new style.

An stylish, rugged body and elevated stance the Honda X-ADV puts an off-road ready attitude and intent right out there. And the tough looks are matched to practicality; the frame has been designed to allow 21L of storage capacity under the seat. The X-ADV is also equipped with a 5-way adjustable screen, tapered aluminum handlebar, Africa Twin hand guards, Rally-style instrument display and centre stand. A Smart Key system delivers day-to-day convenience.

A scooter that thanks to the higher stance and Honda’s DCT system it offers a dynamic and fun ride that other maxi-scooters can only dream of.

It’s not often in the world of motorcycling that a fresh line of thinking emerges to create a new breed of machine. But Honda specializes in innovation. The proof? This outstanding scooter.

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