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Retro bikes are smokin’ hot

You can say that few motorcycles are more elemental than the Harley-Davidson series and of course, the Iron 883 in particular. Stripped down to the basics, it’s a traditional motorcycle that is part cruiser and part retro sport bike.

The Iron 883 feels tight when first getting on the bike each ride, but the cramped feeling quickly goes away. You’re left with the feeling that you’re dominating this fairly small motorcycle, even though it’s no lightweight.

Exiting corners, the Iron 883 has that smooth acceleration you expect from a motor with plenty of flywheel. It won’t launch you forward unexpectedly; instead, it builds speed in a consistently satisfying manner. Unless you just can’t stand to shift the well-working five-speed transmission, you will never hit the rev limited, even though the Sportster lacks a rev counter.

Last year, Harley added the bobber-style tuck-n-roll seat. Originally called “Blacksmith” during the concept and design phase, Harley Senior Designer, Dais Nagao, wanted the Iron 883 to be a factory bobber and incorporate elements that he would put on his own bike, such as raised-fin air cleaner cover, the eagle tank emblem, bullet-hole design features and machine-cut-edge spokes for a new identity and to reduce weight.

Riding this bike is so easy, it’s really smooth, the low down torque means the bike accelerates nicely and you don’t have to race through the gears, so you can just cruise along nice and steadily working your way through the 5 speed gearbox. It’s a great bike to ride anywhere; city centres, flowing country roads and even motorways.

With this bike you get everthing you need. And nothing you don’t.

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