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At the annual Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW have presented this zero-emission electric bike that is inspired by the self-balancing Vision Next 100

The scooter-like concept is called “The BMW Motorrad Concept Link” and it is supposed to represent BMW’s vision for the future of electric transport on two wheels. According BMW, this  new e-scooter is the intelligent response to growing traffic volume, increasing energy costs and ever more stringent CO2 limitations.

At the heart of the new Concept Link is a compact electric motor driven that is powered by large, flat batteries in the underfloor area of the bike. This not only allows BMW to place the weight low down, it has also allowed them to create a distinctive look, which is further enhanced by the silver and matt black body.

Designed for commuter traffic between the suburbs and the city center, the C evolution has a powerful motor, with a continuous output of 11 kW and a peak output of 35 kW, offering lots of riding fun. With a maximum speed of 75 mph and impressive acceleration capabilities, it supremely handles highway travel and overtaking maneuvers – even with a passenger. To make it suitable for all, the seat can be adjusted from a sport single seater to a comfortable two-person bench, while hidden underneath is a large storage area accessed through a sliding hatch.

Also, the scooter comes with two screens. The black touchscreen between the handle bars shows navigation, battery information, and speed. But secondary information is displayed on the larger touchscreen below the handle bars, like music.

BMW say the Concept Link is so-named because it links the digital and analogue world as it performs as both a “motorcycle and a communication device”. the Concept Link can be connected to your online accounts, so that it can sync with your calendar. From there it can work out where you need to be at a given time and suggest an appropriate route (either fast or scenic) and even play your favorite tunes.

The future of two-wheeled urban mobility its well on it’s way.

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