Motorcycle Route in Barcelona


During this road tour we will visit famous Spanish cities, as well as small but very picturesque towns that are no less (and sometimes even more) attractive from a historical point of view. The route takes in beautiful views of the sea, mountains and forests. A part of the route runs through World Heritage National Parks.

You can choose to join the tour on your own motorcycle or on a motorbike hired from our company.

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The price includes:

  • transfer from Malaga airport and / or Malaga railway station
  • support of an English-speaking guide
  • accommodation at no less than 4 * hotels with breakfast included

A major part of the trip, use major highways and secondary sealed surface roads. A short mountain route offers safe sealed surfaced roads. There are no routes with unsealed surfaced roads and steep mountain serpentine!

Cost per person startsfrom €2.700 (does not include motorcycle rental)
The tour lasts11 days, 10 nights
The total length of the route is2,500 km

The description of Moto tour to Barcelona


Dey 1:

~14:00 Start from Marbella to Almeria (daily mileage of 255 km)
~18:00 arrival in Almeria, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 2:

~12:00 from Almeria to Alicante (daily mileage of 310 km)
~18:00 arrival in Aliсante, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 3:

~12:00 from Aliсante to Castellon de la Plana (daily mileage of 260 km)
~12:30 – 14:00 Benidorm (one hour of free time)
~16:00 – 18:30 Valencia (two hours of free time)
~19:00 arrival in the city of Castellon de la Plana, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 4:

~12:00 from the town of Castellon de la Plana >>>>>>> to Barcelona (daily mileage of 280 km)
~17:00 arrival in Barcelona, hotel accommodation for 2 nights.

Day 5:

Free day in Barcelona

Day 6:

~12:00 from Barcelona to Zaragoza (daily mileage of 320 km)
~17:00 arrival in Zaragoza, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 7:

~12:00 from Zaragoza to Cuenca (daily mileage 323 km)
The route through the National Park
~18:00 arrival in Cuenca, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 8:

~12:00 from Cuenca to Ciudad Real (daily mileage of 266 km)
~17:00 arrival in Ciudad Real, hotel accommodation for one night.

Day 9:

~12:00 from the city of Ciudad Real to Granada (daily mileage of 260 km)
~17:00 arrival in Granada, hotel accommodation for 2 nights.

Day 10:

Free day in Granada

Day 11:

~12:00 from Granada to Marbella (daily mileage of 210 km)
~13:30 Nerja
~18:00 arrival in Marbella, the end of the route.